Any ideas on how to block certain followers?… I’ve been popping up on and off to see what some of my favorite blogs are up to. Congrats to the new mothers, so fabulous seeing you transform before our eyes.

My blog intentionally has no personal pictures or anything else that would really interest you.

36 weeks along and with my 19 month old little wild child toddler life is seriously a whirlwind. Even though I’m dog tired, mostly because I am still a neat freak (which I will admit that may need to get a little over it, but not completely!), and with more nesting to do, I am so excited for the newest edition to our family to arrive! Braxton hicks contractions are ongoing, as well as my dreams of being in labor. I have an ultrasound tomorrow which I am very excited about! Congrats to all the mommies having their babies that I am following (and those about to deliver). It doesn’t matter how you go about delivering, whether you are able to do a natural method, use medication, or have a c-section. I know many women ideally envision a natural labor, which may or may not happen depending on your specific situation. Either way, however you deliver, your body just went through an amazing journey forming a human being. The ability to do that in itself is magical!


Seasoned brown rice, black bean, and kale burrito on a whole wheat tortilla with butter lettuce, tomato, and lime. Peeled navel orange segments.



ATTENTION BREASTFEEDING MAMAS!!! #breastfeeding #breastisbest

Yes, Chamomile is a very common tea most people drink (I’m actually drinking it right now). It may sensitize the baby to ragweed pollen and trigger an allergic reaction. Other things such as cathartics like buckhorn  bark may cause cramps and diarrhea for the mom and the baby.

Some of those milk boosters need to be taken with caution such as fenugreek. It’ll make you pee more and your urine will smell like maple syrup. Make sure you are not allergic to nuts, sulfa, or are diabetic. This goes for goat’s rue as well. Both of those herbs are precursors for Metformin, the drug used for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus.

And yes, mint, sage, and parsley are often used for weaning since they can inhibit lactation. Havent seen anything in my studies/readings on feverfew yet.

Lauwers, Judith, and Anna Swisher. Counseling the Nursing Mother: A Lactation Consultant’s Guide. Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning, 2011.

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(as the one for boys was so popular I thought it only fair to include girls and surprises too!)

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